Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lenore Nolan-Ryan, South Florida's very own food artist ... with a global flair

Born in Miami Beach, Lenore spent storybook time at her dad's casino in pre-Castro Havana, learned to cook and sing from a mother she adores. And, after years in San Francisco, chose to open one of the region's most highly-regarded catering businesses. Living in San Francisco for twenty years she owned and operated a restaurant, catering company and retail gourmet market.

Lenore Nolan-Ryan now resides in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida where, through her highly acclaimed catering business she caters to some of South Florida's finest. And operates the Lenore Nolan-Ryan Cooking School.

I first met Lenore during my November 2005 visit to Lauderdale when out taking pictures of the aftermath of hurricane Wilma. Having worked in Washington DC's highend catering industy from the early 80's until recently beginning with Design Cuisne, Windows, Susan Gage and Occasions - and, in that order, Lenore Nolan-Ryan more than sparked my interest.

Since then I have mentioned to Richard that should I relocate to South Florida or visit Lauderdale for an extended period of time, Lenore would be one of the first people that I would contact regarding work in the catering industry.

When staying in Lauderdale By The Sea for the 2007 Winter Party Festival and revisiting Silver Shears Barber Shop for a spring haircut I made a point to stop in at Lenore's Cafe, which is just a few doors down from the barber shop.

Before I had time to reintroduce myself, she remembered me from before. Mentioning that I was down for the Winter Party I inquired if I could take a few photos of the shop and, perhaps, of her - for posting to my blog. In the process of preparing several items for an evening event she suggested that a better time, to capture her, would be between 2 and 3 pm.

With their consent, at that time, I took two photos of Christina prepping for the afternoon event. And returned later in the afternoon to capture Lenore standing in front of the finished products which included a crudite salad and a fruit and cheese board.

It was then and there and, during the course of our conversation, that I decided ... Lenore is exactly the kind of caterer, entrepeneur and, more importantly, individual that I would like to associate with, in the future.

Once back at the apartment, in Lauderdale By The Sea, I took the time to visit her website. And was, and as I still am, "blown away!".

While she had mentioned to me in November 2005 that she had just recently began to hold cooking and catering classes I had no idea of her unique contributions to the industry.

Which, rooted in Catering also includes a Cooking School, a cook book, TV appearances on Money Talks and Mr. Food (to name a few), and a contributing columnist to Mature Resources magazine.

I've known, worked for and associated with some of the most important and influential caterers of our times. And, the time has long since come for a change.

Lenore, is exactly the kind of caterer but, more importantly, individual that, for several years, I have hoped to associate with.

I will begin that process during my next trip to Lauderdale by taking a few of her cooking and catering classes.

Sometimes a singing chef, Lenore, recently created a READY-TO-GO "Heat & Eat" hors d'oeuvres menu.

Where else can you find a freezer full of sumptuous hors d'oeuvres, hearty, low fat, and healthy entrees, splendid blended sauces and soups? Feeding your family and entertaining can be as easy as stopping by and picking up your favorites. From Lenore's freezer to your table, Lenore makes it affordable, easy, and delicious!

Lenore Ryan-Nolan, by far, is one of the most innovative and progessive food artists that I have ever met.

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TheKeyLimey said...

Hey guy, you've done it again--great PR for us folks in Fort Lauderdale. I loved the Lenore Nolan-Ryan article. You are a fine writer. I hope to meet Ms. Nolan-Ryan sometime soon. Sure wish your camera would go with us Saturday to have lunch at Hemingway's house and then explore Hemingway "shrines."
Harold Flagg (TheKeyLimey)