Monday, April 16, 2007

Free DC's "Break These Chains" Emancipation Day 2007 tribute to 3100 "freed" slaves

Organized by Anise Jenkins of Stand Up For Democracy in commemoration of Emancipation Day 2007 a coalition of Free DC - STATEHOOD NOW! chain-linked activists, including Ayo Handy Kendi of the African American Holiday Association, marched down 14th Street from Franklin Square Park to the John A. Wilson Building at Freedom Plaza to join up with the DC Vote's Voting Rights Rally before The March onto the US Capitol's Reflecting Pool.

Adorned in slave clothing and chains, the "Break These Chains" Rally paid respect to the 3100 slaves that were freed on 16 April 1862 when President Abraham Lincoln signed The District of Columbia Emancipation Act, ending slavery.

Click above photo of Anise Jenkins to view Emancipation Day 2007 "Break These Chains" photoset and DC Emancipation Day 2007 Voting Rights March collection.

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