Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Free daily musical entertainment @ the Old Post Office Pavilion

Did you know that on most days throughout the week the Old Post Office Pavilion hosts musical entertainment, which I first learned of when glancing through a December 2006 issue of Downtown DC Newsletter.

In recent weeks, in the process of my Saturday and Sunday Photo Walks, I've contemplated scenarios that would not involve me photographing outside in the cold weather.

As a result of a recent visit to the La Promenade at L'Enfant Plaza I decided last Saturday to launch a Saturday at the Mall historiographic project. And when I say mall I do not mean the National Mall as the focus of this particular project will be shopping malls.

Having recently learned of the Old Post Office Pavilion Entertainment I'd hurry from my apartment on Saturday afternoon and take the subway from Waterfront Station to Federal Triangle. Exit the system at the Woodrow Wilson Plaza and Ronald Reagan International Trade Center.

Run across 12th Street to the west side of the Old Post Office Pavilion, proceed a few more feet (north) to the entrance at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue. When placing my items through the security check point - explaining to the guards that though my intention was to photograph the musical entertainment I inquired if there were any photography restrictions pertaining to other areas of the mall.

They said no. And that I should feel free to photograph what ever my heart desired. Which, though surprised, in these times of Homeland Security, made me very happy.

When one of the guards wanted to know more about the nature of photography I replied that with a long history and interest in musician photography in January 2007 I had launched the Friday Nights in WDC. And not unlike my Sundays at the Museums which speaks to my interest in art that my visit to the Old Post Office Pavilion would kill three birds with one stone. By adding to my musician series as well as launch my Saturday At The Shopping Malls project I would be able to avoid the cold weather outside.

I was delighted to learn that he was familar with Jazz Night in Southwest. And realized, then, that had I explained further, to the middle aged black male security guard, that my photography represents my weapon against racism - I am sure that he would've understood. Instead, I asked 'Which is the best way to get to the stage?".

My first installment of Saturday at the Mall features the 24 February 2007 performance of the Project Natale' Quartet at the Old Post Office Pavilion.

Both which I am sure I will capture again.

The Old Post Office Pavilion Entertainment series is free and open to the public. Sessions usually run from 12 noon until 1 pm during the week. And from 1 - 3 pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

If you are a musician or a musical group and wish to perform at the Old Post Office Pavilion Entertainment series download their (pdf format) Performance Request Application. Or visit their website for contact information.

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