Friday, February 09, 2007

100% Mexico Hecho A Mano ... closes its doors.

Since June 2005, Windows on 14th Street, have been amongst my ongoing historiographic projects. Though I've never been inside, one store's windows that I always looked forward to were those of 100% Mexico Hecho A Mano.

During the winter months I tend to stay inside and catch up on past photo projects. When reviewing never before seen images from my 16 July 2006 Sunday Photo Walk I came across a series of 100% Mexico Hecho A Mano photos.

Searching the internet for information pertaining to 100% Mexico Hecho A Mano I learned that as a partnership between Juan Antonio Santacruz and Rahul C. Desai, 100% Mexico Hecho A Mano (which means "100% Mexico Handmade") it was the first private U.S. franchise of FONART, a Mexican government agency established in 1974 that works closely with artisans.

Unfortunately, according to their website, 100% Mexico Hecho A Mano recently closed its doors. Though certain items will be available online their website is currently under reconstruction.

During a brief telephone interview with Rahul C. Desai, earlier today, I was informed that the store having opened in August 2004, 100% Mexico Hecho A Mano closed on 15 January 2007.

Though I had not been inside the store ... I am sorry to see it go. It added an unique flavor and texture to the 14th Street Historic District.

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