Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bus Stop - 14R - NW - WDC

Since 1992, I have photographed scenarios depicting the bus stop located on 14th just south of R Street. One of my favorite was taken in August 1995 of a black woman in a red hat. Though I can not now locate the images another series was that which featured the Women With Curves Dove Soap Ad campaign.

Much can be projected about a particular community by the Bus Stop Billboard Displays.

Many of the images that I've taken in recent years of the bus stop at 14th and R Street, NW, were taken just after visiting the Whitman Walker Clinic which is located just a few feet north at the corner of 14th and R Street.

So when reflecting on some of the images from my Bus Stop - 14R - NW WDC series .... memories of my experiences from that particular day ... come to mind.

Walking south on 14th Street, taking pictures pictures graffiti, I'd reflect on when the sign that I saw on the wall across from where I was sitting that brought attention Wednesday, 7 February 2007, as National Black HIV/AIDS Day.

There are no places that I can now go, as a 53 year old gay black man who practiced integration, that I am not confronted with nor reminded of the fact ... that I am a black male.

And each confrontation or remindance is associatied with overt forms of public negation. Which I refer to as negative reinforcements.

"Say it loud! I'm black and I'm proud!".

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