Thursday, February 08, 2007

10 years ago ... almost to the day

It was 10 years ago, almost to the day, that on an icy, cold, snowy February day I began my funeral historiographic project with the documentation of MPDC Officer Brian Gibson's funeral.

A few nights before, Officer Brian Gibson had been shot dead in his car outside a nightclub on Georgia Avenue in NW WDC. Having always had an interest in funeral photography I caught the subway from my apartment at Scott Circle, in NW, to Potomac Avenue in SE. Walked across the Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge to 2200 Branch Avenue in SE. Where I spent several hours photographing Officer Brian Gibson's funeral at the East Washington Heights Baptist Church.

Over the next few months, during my winter hibernation, I hope to scan some of my old negatives and/or pictures from some of my more important historic photographic collections for the purpsoe of transferring them to cd format.

Begining my Scanned Photo Projects 2007 with my 10 February 1997 MPDC Brian Gibson Funeral photo collection not only offords me the opportunity to organize some of my work. But, in the process, I'm able to get a better perspective of how my photography has changed, over the years.

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