Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My 57th Birthday and 30th Year of The Saint Mixes

In celebration of my 57th Birthday which took place on 5 October 2010 and the 30th anniversary of The Saint which opened on 20 September 1980 I recently created two music mixes.

Namely, Soul / Heaven and Saints & Sinners.

Having created several mixes over the past two years and in particular since last November of mixes that relect on music from The Saint my 57th birthday writing project entitled "Living In The Past" brought attention to the fact and while I did not realize it at the time but when dancing and partying to the music of that time I actually was experiencing forms of institutionalized racism and sexual racism that to this day impact my life.

So, and as realized last November when working on the "My First, Last & Everything" mix when I now listen to much of the music from that time my memories are often tainted with flashbacks. It, therefore, is important for me that I create new memries. Which is what my trance exploration means to me.

Unfortunately, for me (a black man), many of my memories of the past are very different and are in sharp contrast to those of my white counterpart.

So, in remembering the good times that I had dancing and partying at The Saint with Frank, Steve and Rae Ann as well as a tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe whose image of me was featured on the 1987 Black Party poster invitation my October 2010 "Soul / Heaven" house / gay circuit mix features a tracklist of music and remixes mostly associated with THE SAINT. Click the above cd cover to download the mix.

While in an attempt to create new memories, my October 2010 "Saints & Sinners" mix features a dark trance tracklist that may would be heard at a gay sex and dance party. Or, at The Mineshaft, if it still existed.

Click the cd cover at left to listen to and/or download the mix.

There are at least two other October mixes in the works that while celebrating THE SAINT's thirty year history will also push the envelope in creating new memories.

When I now attend circuit events or go to dance clubs while I may enjoy hearing gay anthems from the past I also look forward to not only remakes and remixes of the old music but, more importantly, new sounds that are more reflective of today's music.

And when I leave I want to have heard something that I've never heard before. And to have danced to on that dance floor what I may will never hear nor experience on any other dance floor.

That is what my trance exploration is about.

Visit Elvert Barnes Mixology for my entire music mix archives.

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