Sunday, December 13, 2009

My First, Last & Everything Disco Retrospective' Tribute

As the final days of 2009 draws near and we trancemigrate into 2010 and the second decade of the new millennium I can not help but but reflect on my life over the past 3 1/2 deades. It is through this reflection ... and celebration ... that I am currently in the process of mixing at least 5 music compilations that will not only celebrate and reflect on the music over the past 3 1/2 decades but will also shed light on my personal story as an openly gay black man. Though I have always been gay, and black, it was shortly after my first visit to the Pier 9 in SE Washington DC, in the fall of 1972, that I came out to friends at Great Mills High School. And, it was a year later that Frank G and I met, as freshmen, at the University of Maryland's Easton Dorm. Though he passed in the spring of 1989 not only is there seldom a day that goes by that he does not cross my mind but each and every music compilation that I have mixed over the past 3 1/2 decades has had some connection to or reflection of him. And this End of 2009 / New Year 2010 series is no exception! As a special New Year 2010 tribute to Frank Gramarossa the first installment of my "End of 2009 / New Year 2010" series entitled "First, Last & Everything" features this 70's and 80's disco track list. It is at this time that I'd like to send a special 'shout out' to Discoguy of whose interviews with Tom Moulton and various DJs and Remixers served as the very foundation of this tribute. Click the cd cover to listen to and/or download my New Year 2010 Special Tribute to Frank Gramarossa - FIRST, LAST & EVERYTHING - Classic 70's & 80's Disco Retrospective mix podcast. No doubt, when the clock strikes midnight this New Year's Eve I'll be listening and, perhaps, dancing to "First, Last & Everything". Or "Save Your Love For Me" which represents the third mix of the installment. Both, as special tributes to Frank, feature the very music that we and our friends partied and danced to. And #2/5, as a 'Decade In Review' is titled "Everyday".

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