Friday, November 10, 2006

2006 Rolling Thunder WDC (Born To Run) Video

Having first captured Veterans Day Celebrations at the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial on the National Mall in Washington DC in November 1992 I would return to The Wall in May 1993 for my first documentation of Rolling Thunder. Since then, few years have gone by that I have not captured Veterans Day and/or Rolling Thunder celebrations at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial which I prefer to refer to as the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial.

Until last September (2005) I was using 35 mm cameras and film. Since many of those negatives have not yet been processed, in the future, I will curate Never Before Seen exhibitions of those images.

Rolling Thunder, by far, is one of my favorite events to capture. In commemoration of Veterans Day 2006 may I bring your attention to the launching of my Born To Run 2006 Rolling Thunder video which reflects images that I took, specifically, of Rolling Thunder scenarios in the Washington DC area over Memorial Day Weekend 2006 that have been sampled with Bruce Springsteen's song Born To Run.

I have been a big fan of Bruce Springsteen but in recent months have become an even bigger fan of Bruce.

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