Thursday, November 09, 2006

PULP on 14th Presents ... John Herron's "Scan Art"

"Scan-Art" The Art of John Herron. Scan Art is a new art form where as the computer and scanner are used as the main tools of expression. But it's these tools in the creative hands of John Herron that set the bar for this 21st century art evolution. With a background in both computer graphics and 40+ years in photography, Mr. Herron work may mystify the viewer, but will be a delight in the visual experience.

On Saturday evening, 11 November 2006, Pulp on 14th Presents will host a 7 - 9 pm Wine & Munchies Art Reception for the opening of "Scan Art" - The Art of John Herron. Also on display will be an unique collection of Shrine Art.

Shrine Art or Our Lady of Guadalupe Art is a collection of family shrines involving a mix of religious imagery with either family photos, most often wedding or hooded wrestling heroes in the same frame. Folk Art from the early 20th Century, these pieces usually held at a respected place in the home of its original owners and are now contemporary treasures.

Pulp on 14th is located at 1803 14th Street NW, WDC. Telephone number is 202-462-7857.

Gallery Hours : Mon-Fri 11am-7pm Sat 10am-7pm Sun. 10am -5pm

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