Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Warehouse's 5th Peace Show (Shock & Awe) Election Night Opening Reception

For many years now, the Warehouse Galleries on 7th Street in Washington, DC, have been the capital region's bastion for political, activist and progressive art exhibitions focused on themes such as war, peace and how artists view the world around them.

From 3- 26 November 2006 Molly Ruppert brings us her Fifth Annual Peace Show, and this year's show, Shock & Awe, which offers a worldview of disturbance and destruction features the work of 32 plus artists is on display throughout the Warehouse's eight distinct galleries.

The exhibition includes Gabriela Bulisova's photographs of the ongoing clusterbomb devastation in Lebanon, paintings by Tom Drymon, a DC artist who moved to New Orleans before Katrina, a house wrap installation for peace by Laura Elkins, and the other artistic peace efforts of many artists.

See the art, meet the artists and watch the returns at tonight's Election Day 6 - 9 pm opening at the Warehouse Galleries located at 1017 7th St, NW, WDC. Contact Molly Rupert at 202 783 3933 or Molly@warehousetheater.com.

Entitled Collateral Damage (Living Hell) the above photo represents the work of Matt Sesow.

The exhibit features the work of 32 plus artists including:

John Aaron, Sondra Arkin, Paul Bishow, Laura Elkins, Gabriella Bulisova, Tom Drymon, Dana Ellyn, Garth Gardner, Seth Gomoljak, Jason Gottlieb, Ken Gwira, J. Gavin Heck, Michael Janis, Mark Jenkins, Joroko, Joanne Kent, Karl Kressbach, Heather Levy, Carolina Mayorga, Paul Notzold, Piero Passacantando, Dino Paxenos, Mark Planisek, Rima Schulkind, Matt Sesow, Erwin Timmers, Ruth Trevarrow, The Scroll Project*, Joanne Wasserman, Ellyn Weiss, Andrew Wodzianski and Peter Wood.

*Scroll Project- curator-Mary Walker - Scrolls from Iraq and the US - DC Scroll artists Jim Innes, Lucy Clark, Ellen Weiss, Richard Dana, Mark Planisek, John Aaron, Daniel Penzoloza, Roger Cutler, Angela Schanau, Henry Gallucio, Scott Brooks

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