Thursday, August 24, 2006

Union Printmakers 2006/2007 Classes, Tutorials, and Open Studio

Union Printmakers Atelier was founded in 1977. It has recently moved to a new space located in a circa 1900 brick building near the new Convention Center in downtown Washington DC. The building has been renovated and leased by The Furioso Development Co. The new studio occupies approximately 3500 sq. ft. of space and houses equipment and support for the traditional printmaking mediums of Lithography, Intaglio, Letterpress and Book Arts. The Atelier is directly adjacent to Adamson Editions, whose owner David Adamson is recognized for producing Fine Art digital images for some of the world’s leading artists. This close proximity presents an exciting opportunity to mix historic and contemporary print techniques.

To learn of or to register for 2006/2007 Classes, Tutorials and Open Studio visit Or contact Albert Barnhart at 202-277-1946 or 202-289-7769 or email

Union Printmakers, Inc. is located at 926 N St. Rear NW (Blagden Alley) in Washington DC.


Union Printmaker said...

Thank you Everit, did you see my blog on blogger? or did I send you an email? we will be having another fund raiser in October and i want you to cover it if you can. also, there is a great skateboard place here in blagdon alley and they are having a big todo in October also. the last one was outta-site! Later and Thanks again, Scip

Union Printmaker said...

Elvert! my apologies for getting your name wrong, I can only say...I'm old...thanks again, Scip
(my given name is Albert)