Tuesday, August 22, 2006

12th International Conference of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation . WDC . 24 - 27 August 2006

Wikipedia defines Capoeira Angola as the traditional style of Bahian Capoeira. It is usually, although not always characterized by playful, ritualized games, which combine elements of dancing, combat, and music, while stressing interaction between the two players and the musicians and observers.

Though for many years I have visited Dupont Circle on Sunday afternoons, on 30 July and 20 August 2006 I would shift my focus to Malcolm X Park which is when I would first capture the Sunday Drum Circle and Capoeira Angola in Malcolm X Park. When photographing dancers or musicians it is my practice to engage in what I refer to as movement-choreophotography. Considering that my photography represents my weapon against racism in a similar way that my dance is about risin' above oppression ... Malcolm X Park will be a place that I will visit on Sunday evenings for a long, long time.

Washington DC will host the 12th International Conference of the International Capoeira Angola Foundation from Thursday, 24 August through Sunday, 27 August 2006. The conference will host parallel Capoeira Angola workshops in both morning and afternoon hours, on all days: two rodas a day, lectures, discussions, samba drumming performance and classes, Afro-cuban Orisha and Afro Brazilian dance classes and much more!

If you have not already registered, the cost is $150.00, including a T-shirt. Price includes workshops, transportation to and from Prince William Forest Park, food, lodging, and day care for children under 10, if requested in advance.

Located at 733 Euclid Streeet in NW an opening reception will be held at the FICA DC on Wednesday, 24 August. For details visit www.capoeira-angola.org. The rest of the conference will take place at Prince William Forest Park, VA. at www.nps.gov/prwi/index.htm.

For more information pertaining to this event visit www.capoeira-angola.org or view the flyer. Or email ficadc@hotmail.com. FICA is located 733 Euclid Street in NW Washington DC. Telephone number is 202-332-0828

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