Friday, August 25, 2006

The Time Has Come Today (April 2000 MMOW) Video

I would actually complete this demo on the morning of 02 March 2005 and just before leaving my apartment for a flight from National Airport in WDC to Fort Lauderdale FL where I would attend the 2005 Winter Party in South Beach. Having exhibited some of April 2000 MMOW images at the Stonewall Library and Archives in September 2004 when I would return to Fort Lauderdale in the Spring of 2005 I made sure to drop off a copy of this demo to SLA. Which represents my first such demo pertaining to THE TIME HAS COME TODAY PROJECT. Since then, though I have attempted to upload it to the internet so as to make it more accessable, and to no avail, it would it not be until 25 August that I was able to upload it to Google Videos.

The purpose of THE TIME HAS COME TODAY (April 2000 MMOW) demo so as to provide prospective DJ's whom with I may wish to collaborate some idea of what the project is about. THE TIME HAS COME TODAY is an ongoing documentary project that, in support of same sex marriages, creatively integrates the photography of Elvert Barnes with music, historic speeches and provocative spoken word of the times.

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