Monday, August 21, 2006

NAHB (Employee) Wild Flower & Weed Garden @ Thomas Circle West

At the east end of what may be referred to as a traffic triangle which is situated between Massachusetts Avenue and M Street, NW, at Thomas Circle West there is a Wild Flower and Weed Garden that in recent months I have taken notice of. And have considered including in my ongoing public garden series. Noticing a few weeeks ago that the Thomas Circle Restoration Project was nearing completion I then decided to embark on an ongoing documentary project that well photographing the present and the future would also explore the history of Thomas Circle.

When during my 19 August 2006 Saturday Photo Walk that I would visit Thomas Circle I could not help but notice that the public garden located across the street from Thomas Circle West was filled with sunflowers, wild weeds and corn stalks. Reminding me that fall is indeed near.

It brought to mind when as a young nappy headed black boy who grew up in Southern Maryland that in the evenings after school and over weekends, in the early fall, my brothers and I would chuck corn at my grandparents farm on St. Jeromes Neck Road in Dameron MD. A 'labor of love' it is a time that, on one hand, I sometimes long while on the other hand I could do well without having to 'chuck corn'.

A certain smell permeates the air, at this time of the year. It is a scent that I have associate with wild flowers, tall weeds, sunflowers, school and chucking corn.

Before entering the Circle on Saturday, 19 August 2006, I'd walk over to and take a few pictures of the garden situated in front of the National Association of Home Builders National Housing Center at Thomas Circle West.

When on Monday, 21 August 2006 that I telephoned NAHB inquiring whether NAHB had any connections to the garden a Mr. P Lopez from the Public Relations Office would return my call and inform me that a group of NAHB employees had gotten together and, over the years, had volunteered their time in the creation, development and upkeep of the garden. So, until I hear of a different nomenclature and in connection with my ongoing public garden series I'll refer to this particular garden as the NAHB (Employee) Wild Flower & Weed Garden.

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