Friday, August 04, 2006

Shock vs Awe (Naked Truth)

SHOCK vs AWE is not pornographic. Nor is it about sex, per se. A collection of provocative and erotic self-portraits integrated with hard hitting texts and excerpts from my writings pertaining to my experiences, as a black man. Which are often in sharp contrast to the experiences of my white counterpart. And when I say white counterpart I mean white friends, white colleagues, white associates and white lovers.

An auto-biographical photojournal, SHOCK vs AWE is about racism and my ongoing attempt to rise about oppression. Many of the images in SHOCK vs AWE will offend some. As will my writings. But not nearly as much as has the racism and social bigotry that many have inflicted and projected onto me.

SHOCK vs AWE, a mutation of the ongoing THE NAKED TRUTH PROJECT, is a tribute to Robert Mapplethorpe. SHOCK vs AWE represents my weapon against racism.

Some angry black men might would've put a gun in their hands ...!

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