Thursday, August 03, 2006

CVS Pharmacy . Dupont Circle West

A former Peoples Drug Store and located at the corner of Dupont Circle (west) and P Street this particular CVS Pharmacy would undergo an historic renovation' in 1992.

Contracted by Davis Construction Corporation and designed by Shalom Baranes Associates this highly visible project involved the comprehensive renovation of an existing retail drugstore while it remained in full operation. The 80-year-old building required a complete facade renovation, including the installation of new limestone, granite, brick and aluminum storefront. To update the building for current use and future tenant build-outs, the second and third floors underwent complete renovation, a new elevator was added, and new double-hung windows and skylights were installed in existing openings. New sprinkler and fire alarm systems were also installed, as well as handicap toilets and ramps to comply with ADA regulations.

Pertaining to the historic images displayed in the windows of the Dupont Circle West CVS Pharmacy, in a 2003 Topic Magazine article "Nostalgia For Sale", Sandy Zipp, a Washington native, who lives in Brooklyn and while working on a dissertation on culture and urbanism in Manhattan after World War II, says "Amidst the hurry and flurry, where P St. joins the circle on its western side, sits a CVS drugstore. In the display cases fronting P, CVS has given over its advertising space to a collection of historical photos depicting the Dupont Circle area at various moments of the twentieth century. Nine framed street scenes, ranging from 1923 to 1968, hover before three giant aerial backdrops of the city taken, from left to right, in 1986, 1938 and 1993."

And once I'm dead but gone ... images from my Dupont Circle Collection will then too be regarded as 'historic'. And may be will displayed in store front windows around the Circle.

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