Friday, March 11, 2011

"Losing My Religion" House / Gay Circuit Mix In Celebration of SAL BLACK PARTY 2011

Each year since 2009 in celebration of spring and the Saint At Large Black Party event in NYC I've put together a special dance mix that reflects on the music of The Saint during its early years.

In celebration of the Saint At Large RITES XXXII: BLACK PARTY 2011 event click the cd cover to listen to and/or download my March 2011 "Losing My Religion" house mix which features a gay/circuit tracklist.

As a 57 year old gay man, when/if I go dancing it is always at gay dance clubs. And, historically, I prefer gay circuit events which occur over the course of a holiday or weekend. Therefore, mixes in my archives reflect music that may would be heard at gay dance clubs and, in particular, at gay circuit events.

Two excellent sites for circuit information are and MRNY.

My 2009 and 2010 SAL BP mixes were "I'll Rise" and "Spring Affair", respectively.

Last fall in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the opening of The Saint I put together the following mixes that featured music from The Saint's early years:

In addition, my December 2009 "First, Last & Everything" and "Save Your Love For Me" mixes also highlighted gay dance music from the 70's and 80's.

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