Thursday, January 21, 2010

Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) from Union Station in NE WDC to Silver Spring MD

Since reading an article last fall in the NoMa's Newsletter regarding the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) I've wanted to check it out.

Having come across an MBT sign at the corner of 2nd and L Street in NE Washington DC on Tuesday afternoon, 19 January 2010 ... I'm already contemplating a spring 2010 MBT Walk similar to my 8 June 2009 exploration along the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail from Alexandria VA to National Harbor in Fort Washington MD.

Click the image to view my newly launched Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) photo album.

An eight mile trail that runs from Union Station in the District of Columbia to Silver Spring in Maryland, visit the Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT) website for more information.

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No pains, no gains..........................