Sunday, June 14, 2009

WDC Artist Nicholas F. Shi Displays WHITE KNOT in Support of Marriage Equality

Often when passing through the intersection of 15th and P Streets in NW Washington DC I will make a point to photograph the artist studio window of Washington DC's gay artist Nicholas F. Shi.

Similarly, it is also my practice to photograph the Dupont Circle area including 17th and P Streets before the annual Capital Pride Parade.

It was during my Before the Captial Pride Parade Walk on Saturday afternoon, 13 June 2009, that after first noticing the Marriage Equality / White Knot sign in Shi's front yard ... the huge White Knot that hangs from the townhouse's front facade caught my attention.

A non-profit organization founded by Frank Voci in November 2008 in response to the passing of Proposition 8 in California and bans on same-sex marriage and the denial of equal rights for LGBT persons across the nation and around the world, White Knot for Equality's mission is to work to achieve equal rights for the LGBT population by.

Having also participated in the 15 November 2008 DC March For Equal Rights Against Proposition 8, Shi and his partner Frank Blackburn recently hung the White Knot on the facade of their townhouse in celebration of the Pride 2009 season.

To learn more about the artist Nicholas F. Shi visit his website.

And here is the White Knot for Equality website.

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