Wednesday, June 17, 2009

4th World Naked Bike Ride / DC Streaks Thru the Nation's Capital

For the fourth year in a row and in solidarity with thousands of riders in other cities throughout the Northern Hemisphere, Roger Paul of Bethesda MD lead the way in organizing this past Saturday's World Naked Bike Ride event in Washington DC.

The 2009 World Naked Bike Ride series officially kicked off on 7 March in the Southern Hemisphere.

Having begun in 2004 the first Washington DC event took place in 2006.

After first gathering at Franklin Square Park on 14th between I and K Streets in NW Washington DC on Saturday afternoon, 13 June 2009, the 20 to 25 'almost naked' participates stepped-off from 14th and I Streets for a ride to the US Capitol.

Where after a brief photo-opt the 20 or so 'almost naked' riders streaked through the streets for a final news rally in front of the White House.

While most participates in the 2009 World Naked Bike Ride / WDC event were from the Washington DC area, a few were also from the Baltimore and West Virginia areas.

While I have more photos to upload here are my three video projects from the 2009 event:

Visit my 4th Annual World Naked Bike Ride / DC photoessay and webpage for updates and more photo uploads.

Here is my 2008 WNBR/DC Ipernity album and Flickr collection.

Indicating that next year will be his 5th and final year, WNBR/DC organizer Roger Paul proposes that, in 2010, the World Naked Bike Ride/DC event be a MORE MASSIVE collaboration that will attract many other cities from around the area and, perhaps. throughout the nation and/or Northern Hemisphere to Washington DC.

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