Saturday, May 09, 2009

Puglisi Barbers in Foggy Bottom

When during my Saturday, 25 April 2009 documentation of the April 2009 IMF/World Bank Protests that I took a stroll around the vacinity of the IMF/World Bank complex ... I took this series of Puglisi Barber Shop in connection with my ongoing Barber Shops series. Which Diego Hair Salon at 19th and Q Streets in NW WDC is amongst my favorite barber shop windows to capture.

Located on 21st Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and G Street, NW, at the street level of the 2100 Pennsylvania Avenue Building, in a May 2007 special feature, Scott Elder of the Washington Post considers Puglisi Haircuts as one of Six Barbershops in That Make the Cut.

In a June 2004 GW Hatchet "Style" Best Of feature, Andrea Nurko reports that Puglisi is "Best haircut for your buck (male)".

And here is a great feature March 2004 article by Andrew Siddons of the GW Hatchet on the history of Puglisi's barbershop.

And here are some reviews of Puglisi Hair Cuts at Yelp which is where you will find two of my photos.

Click the image above to view my Puglisi Barbershop album.

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