Friday, November 28, 2008

Obama T-Shirts & Hats at Carl's Barber Shop on P Street (Logan Circle)

While this may be true in most ethnic communities ... barber shops, beauty parlors, radio, and 'the church' are of great cultural, social and networking importance in the black community. Which is why when launching my Barber Shops & Beauty Salons documentary project in 2002 that my first feature article was on Brice's Barber Shop on Barrack's Row in SE Washington DC.

And why I have taken a more than passing interest in Carl's Barber Shop at 1406 P Street in the Logan Cirlce area of NW Washington DC which I first visited in the spring / summer of 1985.

When on Thanksgiving eve, 26 November 2008 that I stopped in at Carl's Barber Shop to get my hair by Vincent, I noticed a table at the rear of the shop that featured Obama tee-shirts and hats that were for sale.

Operated by Master Barber/Stylist Zach Turner the Obama merchandise at Carl's Barber Shop includes three different styled of long and short sleeved tee-shirts and a selection of pink, blue, red and white baseball styled caps.

While I do not now recall the prices of the short sleeve shirts or hats, the long sleeve shirts are $20.

So, if you are looking for Obama t-shirts and hats or are in need of a hair cut, may I suggest that you visit Carl's Barbershop / Unisex at 1406 P Street in NW Washington DC.

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