Thursday, August 14, 2008

What's Happening At The Saint At Large!

Shortly after my September 1980 relocation from WDC to NYC the Saint opened. And from its opening through February 1982 Frank Gramarossa, my best friend, and I partied at the Saint most weekends. And when I moved back to WDC in February 1982 my subsequent weekend trips to NYC were always in connection with a party at the Saint.

And when I relocated back to NYC in March 1984, the Saint or the Garage, were the two places that I partied at ... until my return to WDC in December 1984.

And from 1985 through 1987 my trips to NYC were in connection with a party at the Saint. In fact, it was the March 1987 Black Party that a 1986 image of me by Robert Mapplethrope was featured in the invitation.

However, with the death of both Frank and Mapplethorpe in May 1989 I did not return to the Saint until the 2003 White Party. And then the 2004 and 2006 Black Partys.

I was happy to learn in the Now What's Happening? Saint-At-Large E-News Letter dated Thursday, 14 August 2008 that the Saint-At-Large website is now offering its first SPECIAL 2 Volume CD SET collection of The Music of the Saint (1980 - 1988) at the cost of $20, including shipping and handling.

Here is my Google document of the 14 August 2008 Saint-At-Large E-News Letter which includes details pertaining The Music of the Saint (1980 - 1988) 2 Volume CD Set as well as a link to the Saint's Radio which is where you can Listen to DJ Robbie Leslie's final set from The Saint's THE LAST PARTY.

In addiction to Junior Vasquez at the 2008 NYC Pride Chamption After Party also available for listening at the Saint Radio are the 1988 last performances of Jim Burgess, Michael Fierman and Warren Gluck.

Click the image above to order the THE MUSIC OF THE SAINT (1980 - 1988) special 2 volume cd set. At $20, it is a steal.

As I now listen to Robbie Leslie's May 1988 final set ... and remembering the times that Frank, Steve and I shared at the Saint ... tears come to eyes!

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