Thursday, April 10, 2008


When I first heard of the idea a week or so ago either in an email that I got from flickr contact Billy Warhol or from a posting on one of his blog sites I did not know for sure if it was true. Or a rumor. At the time, busy working on some project, I did not take the time to read it further.

And then, when I heard the day before yesterday that it was to go in effect later that evening, at first, I thought it may would be a good idea.

But after reading some of the feedback from many flickrites who object and several attempts to upload ... realizing that there are already other video sites including YouTube, Google, Daily Motion, AOL, and even Yahoo Videos ... I now think that it is not a good idea.

Or, as Martha Stewart may would say "... its NOT a good thing!"

If YAHOO / FLICKR wishes to offer video sharing than, perhaps, they should start up a new site, separate from FLICKR. and by another CATCHY NAME. Or, update the YAHOO VIDEO service.

But, by all means, what ever video service that they start up ... it should be an improvement upon the various video sites that already exist.

I, Elvert Barnes, say "Videos on Flickr is NOT A GOOD THING!"

No, no, no ... videos at flickr, is NOT the one for me!

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BillyWarhol said...

Well i heard somewhere they were planning to Finally get with the Program + offer Video + i think Music would be Nice*

As far as i'm concerned they are Hypocrites of the Highest Order! Some Artist Friendz have posted really c0ol Gif Animes + gotten chastized for it + even had their Art DELETED!!

sO FAR i've only really seen stuff from the Flickr Cabal posted - I won't bother mentioning their names cuz I hate them all* ;))

I was kinda half ass Joking bout using yer Drive By Shooting - I'm just Livid that I can't Post any o my shit to any Flickr Groups - even My Own!!

oh yoy*

Peace Bro!! ;))