Monday, April 07, 2008

DCFD Spokesman Alan Etter Rocks at Cherry Blossoms Festival Fireworks Prelude in SW DC

Stopping in at the Southwest Waterfront Associations 4th Prelude to the National Cherry Blossom Festival's Firework Display at the Southwest Waterfront Park on Saturday evening, 5 April 2008, I found out that DCFD spokesman Alan Etter 'can rock' ... as he, Jacob Keaton, Jim Wilson and Jodie Knox (lead vocals) of the Seacocks Band 'rocked' the crowd just before the fireworks display began.

Listening to the music and capturing the crowd dancing in the street was exactly what I was looking for, after staying in for most of day due to weather predictions of rain.

But by days end, not only had it not rained but the weather had been absolutely gorgeous. So much for predictions!

Click image to view Seacocks Band or Fireworks Prelude or (2007 - 2008) Southwest Waterfront Marinas / Washington Channel photosets.

Visit the Seacocks Band at myspace. Band members include Alan Etter, Jacob Keaton, Jodie Knox and Jim Wilson.

Here is the compilation of all 5 videos.

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