Saturday, February 16, 2008

Prisons Foundation receives major grant from DC Government for mentoring of inprisoned artists

The Prisons Foundation is pleased to announce that they have received a grant from the DC Government to conduct a series of workshops for men and women who would like to work in correctional facilities, either as volunteers or paid staff.

As a result of the grant, you can become a mentor to imprisoned artists. Work either as a volunteer or paid staff member in a jail or prison.

Attend one of the upcoming one-day workshops to learn what it takes to work in a jail or prison to foster artistic development among inmates. You'll receive valuable training from experienced and effective correctional officials while also benefiting from the insights and knowledge of ex-prisoner artists who will be additional workshop leaders. They will all share their experiences with you in a relaxed and fun setting at the Prison Art Gallery in downtown Washington, DC. Everything you need for a productive and nourishing day will be provided.

This is a rare opportunity to make contacts and obtain important information. And it's absolutely free!

Whether you're looking for a one afternoon per month volunteer opportunity or a full-time paid career position, you will find these workshops a great door opener. Meet the people who make hiring decisions while finding out what it takes to be effective in the challenging setting of a jail or prison.

Please call 202-393-1511 or email at for more information. They are now setting up a schedule of workshops to accommodate everyone who may be interested. They would like to know what days and times would work best for you.

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