Monday, February 11, 2008

Hitler's Almost Forgotten "Rhineland Bastards"

Always interested in learning more about the history of the world I take my hat off to my Flickr contact Alexander who greeted me this morning with an email who after watching a documentary on French TV last night ... inquired if I had ever heard of an author [who] wrote a book on the story never told [of] blacks inconcentration camps in Europe during the second world war.

Not having heard of the author nor the story I searched the internet before replying to Alexander. Thanking him for his 'morning greeting' which is something that I often receive from Alexander I told him that the story interested me so much that after searching the intenet, as a result of his 'morning greeting, to no avail ... that, in the next few days, I probably would make a trip to the Holocaust Museum to learn more about Hitler's black concentration camps.

After sending the first email to Alexander but wanting more info before treking off to the Holocaust Museum, and having already searched Yahoo, I entered the same info onto Google Search. And found several links pertaining to Black Holocaust Victims.

I always find Google a much better search engine than any other source, including Yahoo. Which sheds light on why Microsoft is trying to buy Yahoo.

Perhaps, what Alexander saw on Canadian French TV last night was Hitler's Forgotten Victims which, in America, is entitled "Always Remember: Black Survivors of the Holocaust" (1997).

Thanks to Alexander, I may will visit the Holocaust Museum, sometime this week, to view the Blacks During The Holocaust and other Black History Month exhibits.

And I'll keep my eyes and ears open for the Always Remember: Black Survivors of the Holocaust (1997) or any productions pertaining to the almost forgotten Rhineland Bastards.

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Melinda said...

Please let me know if you find a copy! I'm writing paper on this topic and I can't seem to find the documentary ANYWHERE!!