Friday, February 15, 2008

Presidents' Weekend 2008 / Delirium Sundays at Pasha

In celebration of Presidents Weekend 2008 Bill Alldredge of Atmos Events will host 2 parties on Sunday evening, 17 February at Delirium Sundays / Pasha.

Presented by LOVE Benefit Committee, CAMP Rehoboth, Atmos Events, and the first event, from 5 until 9 pm, as the one and only official Beach House Rush & Reunion for 2008 will features features great music, happy hour throughout the party and great prizes from both Rehoboth and Washington, DC merchants for lucky prize winners.

Special guests include the Rehobus models and sexy "Atmos Boys" cocktail servers. But the stars of the event are the attendees who get to mix and mingle and make plans for this summer at the beach!

Whether you are looking for a house to rent for the summer, have a beach house for rent for the summer, or are looking to fill the shares in your house with guys there to find a beach house share, this is the time and place to get things started!

Immediately following the BHR&R, the venue hosts their regular holiday weekend dance event. For President's Day Sunday night the "Circuitry" party is a Cherry Weekend preview party featuring sexy male dancer, cocktail servers, and the Sunday night dance space featuring DJ Josh Gram at the turntables! Make a fun night of it all in one great space!

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