Saturday, December 15, 2007

Citylife Barbers on 9th Avenue in Chelsea

I first came across Citylife Barbers on 9th Avenue in Chelsea in March 2006 when during a photo walk that I focused on NYC barber shops as part of my ongoing barber shops series.

Though, at the time, I did not need a hair cut I stepped inside to introduce myself and informed the staff that as a visitor from WDC barber shops was amongst my ongoing themes.

The staff was so very pleasant that I vowed that when I returned to NYC in the future that I would make a point to stop in Citylife Barbers for barber service.

Which is exactly what I did, three months later, when I rode up to NYC with Mark and Ken for the June 2006 Heritage Pride Parade. But, after a late night / early morning of 'partying' at the West Side Club when I did stop in at Citylife Barbers late Saturday evening, 24 June 2006, they were just then closing up shop.

However, when Richard and I visited NYC in September 2007, I made a point to stop in at Citylife Barbers on a Saturday afternoon.

And as one reviewer says, I was "... greeted by the friendliest staff in NYC". Which was my first and second impressions when stopping in the two previous times before.

Though each barber was busy, at the time, I was the next person to be serviced. While waiting, reading the news paper, viewing images on my digital camera and watching the plasma TV one of the barbers offered me a bottle of water. Which I thought was a 'very nice touch'. Thanking him, I said 'Yes'.

After about a 5 or 10 minute wait I was in the barber's chair. And Jeovani would provide excellent service. While he cut my hair, I explained further the nature of my photography and told them that I would be attending a wedding on Long Island the following day.

Another 'added treat' occurred just before I was released from the chair when Jeovani wrapped my face and head with a hot eucalyptus towel.

If I remember correctly, the cost was $20 and I gave him $30.

I highly reccommed Citylife Barbers which, located at 201 9th Avenue between 22nd and 23rd Street in Chelsea NYC, the barbers provide TOP SERVICE.

Hours: Monday thru Thursday, 9 am - 8 pm. Friday and Saturday, 8 am - 8 pm. No appointments necessary.

Telephone 212-366-5369.

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