Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lenore sets sail on an annual summer "Freedom Cruise" aboard the Alaska Yacht "JAMAL"

In her July 2007 Summer Newsletter, Chef Lenore Nolan Ryan reports that she has been enjoying freedom every summer, since 1991, aboard the "JAMAL" cooking and entertaining charter guests on an excursion from Seattle to Alaska.

First day arrival always finds our charter guests a little tired from traveling and anxious about their upcoming excursion. After all, we are the only all girl crew from Seattle to Alaska. Now you can only imagine how much fun that is!

For as many times as we begin anew I have always made the same “First Day” dinner. It is important to make them feel welcome and relaxed. After all, part of the adventure is having a chef to call your own. Comfort food first and then “Wow Em” for the rest of the time with all of my fusion food. How can you go wrong with Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken, Roasted Vegetables, a Lenore Salad and a Fresh Berry Crumble?

As we cruise along and get closer to Glacier Bay I bring out the blender, tequilla, limes and net snag a chunk of blue glacier ice for my famous Glacier Ice Margaritas with Ginger. My secret ingredient for a frappe of an evening!

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As for Lenore, she has only begun to prepare this season's harvest of vegetable tortes, tarts, lasagnas, quiches, salads and spicy vegetable ragouts for friends and family to enjoy!

I'll post her Crispy Herb and Lemon Roasted Chicken to my blog tomorrow.

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