Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tues-Wed: US Filipino Vets March again in Washington

American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.
Media Advisory 4/9/2007
Contact: Eric Lachica, 202 246-1998 & Guillermo Rumingan 703 862-5986

1. U.S. Filipino Veterans Will Sing at National WWII Memorial at Sunset Tuesday;

2. Ask for Equity at Senate Hearing Wednesday

WASHINGTON D.C. - Elderly Filipino Americanveterans will march and lay a wreath at theNational World War II Memorial to honor their fallen comrades at sunset on Tuesday, 5:30 PMApril 10, 2007.

At the ceremonial plaza, Philippine AmbassadorWilly GAA, retired U.S. Army Maj. General AntonioTAGUBA, and guests will join the veterans in abrief prayer and a song "Old Soldiers Never Die"before marching to the Bataan marker at thePacific fountain (near 17th and Independence St.S.W).

They will commemorate the 65th anniversary of theFall of Bataan when more than 60,000 Filipino andAmerican troops surrendered to Japanese invadersof the Philippines in 1942. Afterwards, more than10,000 of prisoners of war soon died on the60-mile Death March and in prison camps.

On WEDNESDAY morning (9:30 A.M), April 11, the veterans and their supporters will participate ina Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing ontheir legislation for disability pension benefits.

The chairman, Sen. Daniel Akaka, will hold thehearing in Senate Russell Building Room 418.

Filipino veterans leaders from Honolulu, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego, Jersey City, New York,Virginia Beach, and metropolitan Washington, will attend the historic hearing.

On Wednesday afternoon, they will lobby door-to-door to get more cosponsors for their Equity pension bill S. 57 and Family Reunificationimmigration bill, S. 1287. Filipino soldiers were U.S. nationals and drafted by President FranklinD. Roosevelt during WWII.

For details, call 202 246-1998 or 703 862-5986 and visit the website at www.usfilvets.tripod.com.

Executive Director
American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.
841 South Glebe Road - Arlington, VA 22204
Phone: 202 246-1998 Tel/FAX: 301 963-6250
Web: www.usfilvets.tripod.com.
Web2: www.filamheroes.tripod.com.

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