Thursday, April 12, 2007

Arts District Hyattsville: One Year Ago Today

It was exactly one year ago today that on Wednesday, 12 April 2006, I took a Day Photo Trip to the Arts District Hyattsville in PG County MD.

Where in the process of taking an F8 bus from the West Hyattsville Station to the Arts District Hyattsville area I took a series of Drive/Ride By Shootings. And between a morning session which included images of the Hyattsville Justice Center and Christopher Janney's Hyattsville Horn Section and afternoon shootings I lunched at Franklin's. And when waiting for a metro bus for my return trip to the West Hyattsville Station I took a series of Houses / Hyattsville photos.

My hope was to revisit the Arts District Hyattsville area exactly one year later but, due to today's weather forecast which calls for rain and cooler temperatures than expected for this time of year - and the fact that one of my cameras is in the process of being repaired, I'll wait until the weather is much better. Since, during my next day trip to the Arts District Hyattsville area I plan to revisit College Park and the University of Maryland.

Since my April 2006 visit to the Arts District Hyattsville I have become more familar with EYA at EYA's Capitol Quarter Project located in the former Capper / Carrollsburg Community which for many years was knowned as the Arthur Capper Projects in Near Southeast DC.

Click above One Year Ago Today - Arts District Hyattsville - 12 April 2006 photo which is included in the Arts District - Hyattsville (12 April 2006) photoset.

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