Monday, January 01, 2007

"A personal connection to Gerald R. Ford ..."

In the process of documenting the funeral procession to view the body of Gerald R. Ford, at the US Capitol, a man in a yellow jacket and his wife, both from Boston, would mention to me that the man in front of us, who was from Michigan, had a personal connection to Gerald R. Ford.

According to them, as a young boy the Michigan man suffered from a debilitaing and near fatal disease and had it not been for the efforts of Gerald R. Ford he would have died.

Just before the procession proceeded through the final check point before entering the US Capitol Building, which is when I'd turn around and head back, handing the Michigan man my card I suggested that he contact me by email ... if he wished for me to include in the caption of the photos that I took of him information pertaining to his 'personal connection to Gerald R. Ford'.

The Michigan man's connection to Gerald R. Ford is an important story to tell. And one that should be told in his own words.

Click photo to view 31 December 2006 Gerald R. Ford Procession at the US Capitol photoset. Or photos tagged as Gerald R. Ford Funeral WDC to view entire collection which includes photos from the 30 December 2006 Gerald R. Ford Arrival Procession.

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