Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chinatown Bus ... not just for broke students, starving artists and cheap travelers, anymore!

I first heard of Chinatown Bus a couple of summers ago when photographing in Dupont Circle that an acquaintance inquiring of goings-on in NYC would ask if I had ever taken the Chinatown Bus to NYC. Replying that I had not heard of Chinatown Bus I explained that it was my practice to take AMTRAK as opposed to a bus or a plane. He then inform me that a Chinatown Bus fare from Chinatown WDC to NYC would cost about $20.

When revisiting Chinatown on 12 December 2006 I'd observe, for the first time, a group of people many with luggage waiting in line on Eye Street between 6th and 7th Streets, NW, which caused me to believe that it was the location that the Chinatown Bus must pick-up passengers.

As I had done one year before on Christmas Eve 2005 and New Years Day 2006, on New Years Day 2007 I would return to Chinatown in connection with my now ongoing Chinatown WDC project. During which time I'd observe many people, some in groups, milling about with luggage.

And as I captured pedestrians at the intersection of 7th and H Street, which is another one of my ongoing projects, I'd observe that groups of people with luggage had begun to congregate in front of a Chinese restaurant on H near 8th Street. Recording the street scape of Chinatown WDC on New Years Day 2007, I'd walk over and began taking pictures.

When a bus pulled up, I would then realize that they were waiting in line for the Chinatown Bus. Which, in a different location than 600 block of Eye Street, must be one of several WDC locations for Chinatown Bus network.

I'm not sure who Mike is but in a picture story about Chinatown Bus Mike says "I used to be able to pack my things, run out the door, and catch the next Chinatown Bus at 10 minutes before scheduled departure.

But it looks like those days may be gone. At least with respect to the weekends and major holidays. During the week, no worries. For Saturday morning travel and holidays, I recommend buying Chinatown Bus tickets ahead of time and arriving at least 20 minutes early. The word is out and people are taking the
Chinatown Bus!"

To find Chinatown Bus info for New York, Boston, Washington DC and Philadelphia visit here. To learn more about other companies that run out of Chinatown Boston/New York (and other cities as well) that provide reasonably priced, regular service visit www.chinatownbus.org. Or contact Mike by email at chinatown_bus@yahoo.com or chinatownbus@gmail.com.

Click photo to view my now ongoing Chinatown Bus project. I have feeling and, for the sake of my ongoing Chinatown Bus project, that I will soon be taking the Chinatown Bus to Baltimore, Philadephia or New York City.

For the sake of my Chinatown Bus Project!

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