Thursday, December 28, 2006

One Night Only - Jennifer Hudson @ Hammerstein Ballroom - New Year's Eve Eve

Entertainment Architect Mark Nelson of Mark Nelson Events has this to say about DREAMGIRLS, Jennifer Hudson and the Saint-At-Large New Year's Eve Eve ONE NIGHT ONLY event:

Went to see Dreamgirls w/ Jim McGinnis & Ray Deforest on Saturday @ The Ziegfield – Yes, we paid the $25 - It was worth it!This is the movie of the year featuring the incomparable Jennifer Hudson.

Oprah has said that listening to her sing is a religious experience. People talk about seeing Janis Joplin @ Woodstock, Streisand in Central Park, Lady Bunny @ Wigstock, Judy Garland @ Carnegie Hall, Bette Midler @ Radio City, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston @ the Pier Dance ...

Yes, that's a crazy round-up, I agree - But big moments none the less - This is another good one - Not to be missed!

The Saint-At-Large Staff has gone to extreme measures to produce this legendary night of Supreme entertainment when Jennifer Hudson, star of Dreamgirls makes her NYC solo concert debut.

One Night Only - Dreamgirls (the underground clubmix) Jennifer Hudson Live in Concert @ 11:15 sharp.

Junior Vasquez spins his exclusive remixes from the Dreamgirls soundtrack w/ Lights by Guy Smith & spectacular videos & & live performances thru-out the night by: Kevin Aviance, Milan of Dalipstikz, Kim Aviance, Supreme Runway & Vogue segments produced by Mother Juan Aviance - Starring ErickaToure Aviance, Linda James & John Aviance.

1st Tier of VIP: Sold Out. 2nd Tier Mezzanine: $100 Advance. Tix $90 ($10 more @ the door if available).

Hammerstein Ballroom
311 West 34th Street
New Years Eve Eve - Saturday, 30 December 2006
10pm until 4am.

Tix @ Nasty Pig - 265A West 19th Street. The producers & Henry Krieger will be in attendance! Part of proceeds go to The Hinton Battle Laboratory Theatre. Brought to you in Dance Surround by The Saint @ Large. Buy Online (klik)


Robertito said...

I love me some Jennifer Hudson and I LOOOOOVVVVED Dreamgirls. BUT, I felt ripped off and I want my money back! She sang about 6 songs and NEVER sang "And I Am Telling You...."

No encore? WTF????

Elvert said...

Sorry to hear of your disappointment, Robert. I, sometimes, have found myself in similar situations when attending these kind of events.

I think to use the word CONCERT may be misleading since at most such events the performer sings only a few selections. The main event is the dance party.

And then too, if I were to have spent that much money to go to a New Year's Eve event, I certainly would have been engaging in some heaving partying. And just around the time that I would be getting into groove, the club closes at 4 AM.

O' no!. That simply would not do.

I, too, LOOOOOVED the movie. Almost as much as I liked the Broadway show.