Saturday, December 30, 2006

11 April Nats opener vs Nets was my first time ever

When searching for images for my 2007 New Year greeting cards and 2006 In Retrospect / Year in Review Project I would upload several of my 11 April 2006 Washington Nationals (Opener) vs New York Mets Never Before Seen images. See 2003/04 holiday cards.

While I, of course, have attended and photographed a few amateur games not only was the 11 April 2006 Nats vs Nets game the first time that I'd ever photographed a magor league ballgame it, also, was the first time that I had ever attended a major league ballgame.

And as is the case with most such scenarios, my interest and fascination had more to do with photographing the game. Click photo to view 11 April 2006 Nats (Opener) vs Nets Never Before Seen 2007 images which are also included in the 11 April 2006 Nats (Opener) vs Nets photoset.

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