Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Incident @ 15th & K, NW

It being Veterans Day my ritual is to visit the Vietnam War Veterans Memorial. After having first stopped in at the Robert Cole Studio in support of the Mid City Artists Open Studios fall campaign, en route to The Wall, I'd walk south on 15th Street in the direction of McPherson Square Park with hopes of getting some fall 2006 shots of Lafayette Park and The White House before converging onto Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Since the spring of this year whenever I pass the the intersection of 15th and K, NW, I take a series of photos in a similar way that I capture pedestrian traffic at various locations in WDC.

Standing at the northeast corner of 15th and K, waiting for the traffic light to change, and while looking south into McPherson Square Park, I'd hear a 'bang' as if two cars had collided but the sound was more muffled than metal. I'd turn to my right, looking west along K Street, and observed that a peice of furniture had fallen from a vehicle into the center of the street.

It being a moment in time that can not ever be again, I take my first photo of the incident at 15th and K streets, NW, Washington DC

Turning around to look behind me, since I had heard the slamming of two doors, I'd observe two young males running toward the wooden piece of furniture. And parked directly benind me on 15th Street, north of K Street and McPherson Square Park, was a red pick-up truck filled with the back filled with furniture.

While snapping pictures of the incident at 15th and K Street, NW, I'd reflect on the focus of my photography which is to capture moments in time that can not, possibly, ever be again! This, certainly, was such a moment.

Wanting to get to The Wall before too late in the afternoon concerned that one the sun begins to go down the chill that then fills the air will cause the bones in my left knee to ache, making it difficult for me walk or to bend my knee, I'd continue on my 11 November 2006 Saturday Photo Walk ...

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