Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bruce Bart Tattooing . Fort Lauderdale

I first visited Bruce Bart Tattooing in November 2005 when in Fort Lauderdale. So when Richard said that he wanted to stop in a Rustica Pizza as we had last November I said that while he was ordering the pizza I would revisit Bruce Bart Tattooing as I had a little more than year ago, for the purpose of an impromptu photo session that would capture Tattoo Artists at Work.

Once inside, I'd inquire of the attendant at the front entrance if I could take similar photos as I had last year. I'd take a few shts of the attendant, Jose L. Flores, and then walk to the rear which is where I'd find Tattoo Artist Chris Slota as had been the case last year. And with his consent as ell as that of his client asked that I not photograph her face I would conduct the second installment of my ongoing documentary project that, over the years, will feature 'impromptu' images of Bruce Bart Tattooing artists at work. Which in Fort Lauderdale is located at 3323 East Oakland Park Boulevard. Telephone 954-56-1865.

A second South Florida location is in Pompao Beach at 1650 North Federal Highway. Telephone 954-783-2339.

A third Bruce Bart Tattooing shop is located in Woodstock NY. Telephone 845-679-7562.

Hopefully, I'll have the opportunity to revisit Bruce Bart Tatooing before returning to Washington DC later this monh.

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