Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cater your own party. Or call Ed Bruske

Just north of Logan Circle and en route to the Whitman Walker Clinic yesterday morning for flu shot and an unexpected situation which I may will speak on at my Naked Truth blog ... to my pleasant surprise I'd happen upon Ed Bruske walking south. Whenever I run into Ed or Lane I always get a warm feeling inside in a similar way that I get a warm feeling when I run into Smitty.

Ed greeted me with a comment regarding my Uppity Negro t-shirt which when purchasing it I, immediately, thought of Lane. Though Lane is not afro-american she is the kind of woman that if she were black, she'd definately be an uppity negress. I'd often joke with her that she is 'an unruly white woman.'

And as I write this blog entry I'm laughing out loud remembering Ed and Lane, mostly through our catering associations. I'd first meet Ed at an Occasions Caterers event in the early 90's. A years later we would work more closely together at Susan Gage Caterers who I began working with in March of 1987 and that he, in the mid 90's, would become lead supervisor at most events. It was, also, at Susan Gage that I'd meet Lane in the mid 90's.

Which, at first (if my memory serves me correctly), they were not married but would marry some time later after my meeting Lane. Before catering, Ed had been a freelance traveling writer for the Washington Post and Lane had worked in the restaurant industry in WDC area.

My fondest memories of them, for the most part, are connected with our mutual association with Susan Gage and at more social settings at their home at the corner of 13th and Euclid Streets in NW.

Lane and Ed now have a beautiful daughter named Lyla who, for certain will be a very successful artist but, for now, is a star pupil at the Children's Studio School in downtown D.C.

While Lane still works with several caterers including Dish Caterers a few years after Lyla's birth Ed would take a semi-sabbatical from catering and became a stay-at-home dad. Which, by no means infers that he has stopped working.

As a freelance 'Food and Entertainment' writer Ed Bruske has contributed to many magazines and food write-ups including several an ongoing editorial series for the Washington Post Food and Entertainment section. When searching the internet for "Ed Bruske Food" you'll find many items. In fact, when Steve Otoole and I have spoken on the phone (as friends sometimes do) he has often inquired if I have seen or read the lastest article by Ed in "this" or "that" publication.

Catering, at least, the kind of catering that Ed, Lane and I have been associated with is the kind of thing that you can never quite get away from. As evidenced by the fact that Ed is now a food writer. When I inquired if he still does catering Ed said that he was on his way to pick up some items from Whole Foods Market for some of his personal clients. Which includes office contacts and private residences.

So, if you do not want to cater your own party may I suggest that you may wish to contact food writer Ed Bruske who is also a personal chef.

And when I asked what does he call his business he replied in a very laid back manner "Let's call it, Ed Bruske's Hand-crafted From the Heart Personal Meals".

And still if you do wish to cater your own party, there's always dark chocolate and broccoli. Or poaching. Or, perhaps, you'd like to own or use a molcajete.

Are you in need of an expert (personal) gardner?

Freelance writing and high-end catering, both, require a great deal of passion and dedication. Emboding both, as well as commitmebt, and while drawing on his catering experiences and a background as a freelance travel writer Ed Bruske and Lane Green have created a most unique nitch for themselves, in the Washington DC social and entertainment scene.

And, yet, they both are two of the most 'down to earth' people that you'll ever get to know.

Contact Ed Bruske or Lane Green at 202-265--9283 or email at

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