Tuesday, October 31, 2006

One Year Ago, Today!

One year ago today, on 1 November, having spent the two previous days photographing the Rosa Park's funeral observances in WDC I was in the process of organizing and uploading some of the photos to flickr. On the day before I had dropped into the postal mail a second and final installment of photo cds, to Kenneth McBride, representative of the remaining film negatives that I had taken during the 13 August 2005 funeral for his son, MPDC James McBride.

Speaking of funerals ... one year ago, today, Keith Bruce was still alive. When Richard would inform me of his death a few weeks ago, I could not help but think '...perhaps, he's in a much better place ...!'.

One year ago today, in the process of planning a trip to Florida Richard and I would visit the U-Haul warehouse at Half and O Streets in SW. A few days later, on Friday morning, 3 November, we'd catch the subway out to Takoma Park to fetch a Penske rental truck. Drive back into the city to collect some furniture from his Carrollsburg Condominiums apartment and by 2 pm we were on the road, arriving at Lauderdale By The Sea on Saturday evening, 4 November.

One year ago, today,on 1 November the above Men At Work photo was taken at the corner of New Jersey Avenue and K Street, in SE, at the Capitol Hill Tower complex. Four months later, the Navy Yard Marriott Courtyard would open. Which is where I would meet up with John, Chris, Daniele and Joe on Friday morning, 2 June.

Capitol Hill Tower, the first installment of many new residential complexes, in the area, would open for sales on _____. A few weeks ago on 14 October a second residential development, Capitol Quarter held its grand opening.

While many things may have changed since 1 November 2005 the changes that have come have not been enough for, nor benefited, me ... a black man!

One year ago today!

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