Friday, November 03, 2006

03 November 2006 Friday's Photo of the Week

When I saw last saw Thomas Brown on Wednesday evening, 26 July I had hoped to drop back by in a couple of days with a copy of the May 2006 Washington Spark that my 7 February 2006 District Transmission photo had been published in and copies of the photos that I had taken of him on 26 July. However, I would not return to 84 N Street and what I refer to as the South of M Street SE Warehouse District and SW Industrial Yard until Wednesday, 1 November 2006.

Not only was I surprise to see that the former District Tranmission building and the adjacent Carry Out still stands, but while taking pictures of the call box at the corner of N and Firsts streets, I'd hear "I thought you told me that you'd bring me copies of my pictures."

Delighted to see that he was still there, I'd walk over to Tom Brown and, apologetically, say that though it had been my intention to do just that ... I had not been back to the block until that very moment. I then informed him that, earlier that day, I had just dismantled an exhibtion at the Sizzzling Express at the corner of 4th and M Streets which included the 07 February 2006 District Transmission.

I'd then inquie if I may take more photos of him to add to my ongoing project pertaining to him. He said yes. It was then that Tom Brown would mention me that he used to sing and perfrom in a rock/jazz/blues band and had written many songs.

I would then take a series of photos of Tom Brown singing two of his songs. One of which was "I Don't Know Why I'm Still Living" . I hope to return to 84 N Street soon to learn more about, document and record Tom Brown's personal journey.

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