Friday, September 08, 2006

Some packing tips from TSA before flying

This was found at a fellow flickrite's, El Dave, posting.

Before packing for your next flight you may wish to read this. Unfortunately, for me a black male, and long before there was a 11 September 2001, it was the ritual for colleagues whom I worked with in catering to secretly inspect my bags when I worked with them at museums, in offices or at the homes of clients.

It is something that they simply would do without my concent nor knowledge of. One of the reasons that I never liked flying, long before September 2001, was because when I had flown years before, it was not uncommon for my bacggage and luggage to have been inspected.

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David said...

Going through people's luggage has been a longstanding tradition for all airline passengers. Airlines used to caution you not to leave your wallet, camera, or other valuables inside your luggage because they weren't responsible for "security checks".

I'm very curious what prompted the invasion of my luggage. I didn't have any valuables and I'm almost certain there wasn't anything that could be mistaken for a security threat. Unfortunately, it could have been something as simple as my girlfriend's underwear was inside and they wanted a peek.

Or mine, but they aren't as interesting ;-)