Friday, September 01, 2006

01 September 2006 Friday's Photo of the Week

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If my memory serves me correctly I firsted visit Eastern Market in the fall of 1978 when after breaking up with Rick Allamong, my first partner, in late July of early August of that year that I met real estate developer Herb Lehner. And, as a result, have since taken more than a passing interest in Capitol Hill. By January 1, 1979, I had terminated my employment with the federal government and would join Herb Lehner Enterprises.
Though, at first, I kept my apartment on Queens Chapel Road in West Hyattsville by March of 1979 I relocated to Herb's house at 928 Maryland Avenue in NE. Which is where I managed the business and assisted with the renovation and redevlopment of several of his projects.
By June of 1979, I would attempt to purchase 1260 Holbrook Terrace, in the Trinidad area of NE WDC, from Mr. Lehner, which is where I move to and stayed until the fall of that year which was when I learned that the sewage system in the building was in need of such great repair that it was to my advantage that I resell the building to Isiah Foskey, a builder and bricklayer, also, based in the Captilol Hill area.
Shortly after our meeting, in the fall of 1978, Herb invited me to join him and his friends, Roger Tiemann and Al Mizer who were partners, at Eastern Market. In fact, to this day, I still have two African wood carvings and 3 large pictures that I purchased from Eastern Market in the fall of that year.
While I have often visited Eastern Market since then, whenever I have visited the compkex in the fall of the year, as was the case last October I will reflect on that Saturday or Sunday afternoon when Herb, Roger, Al and I meandered through Eastern Market which, for the first time, I would contemplate moving to Capitol Hill.
Built in 1873 and designed by architect Adolf Cluss, Eastern Market is the last of Washington's 19th century markets to remain in continuous operation. It is easily accessible by Metro and adjacent to numerous restaurants and shops in the picturesque Capitol Hill neighborhood.
The South Hall is the last remaining traditional market in Washington. Weekends are enlivened by an outdoor Farmers Market, the Market Festival, an Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturdays and The Flea Market at Eastern Market on Sundays. With all these attractions, Eastern Market has become an Internationally recognized destination.

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