Monday, August 28, 2006

Uppity Negro

During Sunday Photo Walk on 27 August 2006 through Eastern Market I'd happen upon several vendors that I wish to bring attention to. And as I walk, proudly, in solidarity with the cause, Uppity Negro, is the first Eastern Market exhibitor that I will feature.

Founded by Andrea Carter, Uppity Negro, which is trademarked, is not a fashion line. Uppity Negro is statement. Uppity Negro is a form of personal as well economic resistance to combat the subtle, covert, and routine acts of racism that Black people experience.

Which is something that I speak about and shed light on through my photojournalism and blogs at Freedom, Louder Than Words and former Photographically Speaking blogs

Andrea Carter created "Uppity Negro" T-shirts to inspire Black people to stand up and be unapologetic and audacious attention. To order Uppity Negro or Uppity Negress t-shirts, hats, totes or mugs visit the Uppity Negro online store.

While t-shirts emblazed with "Uppity Negro" certainly will spark conversation to Andrea Cater, they, also, represent a vehicle for change.

The flyer that Andrea would hand me, asks "Are you an UN?". And without apologies, I proudly proclaim that I am, indeed, an 'uppity negro'!


Berrnard Ivey said...

Does any one know how to reach Sister Andrea carter. I attempted to access the website and it's been shut down. there are those of us who are still attemptint o help her keep her products moving. When I spoke with her a couple of years ago, she advised me of her financial difficulty but I didn't know she had let the venture go. I am still trying to purchase more products.

LesileTyler said...

Ditto berrnard ivey - I, too, am searching for Sis Andrea. We purchased t-shirts from her a couple of years ago at the Harlem book fair. I wanted to share with her the story of how my mom wore her shirt to the recent funeral of one of her best friends. Mom and her friend retired from the Cincinnati public school system. At her funeral she said if her friend were alive today, the two of them would be teaching the concept of "uppity negro" in their classrooms and how it relates to Sen. Barak Obama. At the end of her comments my mom told everyone to order t-shirts online. Several took notes wanting to join the movement... Sis. Andrea if you're reading - stay encouraged.

Kimani's Knapps said...

I would like to purchase some shirts. Please contact me at