Monday, May 02, 2011

Room & Board Furnishings Included On ABC World News MADE IN AMERICA Map

Since my first viewing of Diane Sawyers' ABC World News MADE IN AMERICA series in late February 2011 and then again a few weeks later when the Appalachian Spring / Fine American Crafts store in Georgetown was featured on DC's Channel 7 ABC News I seldom now walk down any of the streets that I have documented for several years without wondering which stores may should be included on the Made In America Map.

One such furniture store on 14th Street in the Logan Circle area is Room & Board which having opened in June 2010 has supported American craftspeople and manufacturers for more than 25 years.

Located at 1840 T Street in NW Washington DC, click the above image to view my Room & Board / Logan Circle photo album which was just launched in May 2011.

Another furniture store on 14th in the Logan Circle area that should be included on the map is Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams whose upholstery is made in North Carolina and which I have captured since its Spring 2007 opening.

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