Monday, May 03, 2010

My April 2010 SUN DANCING New Age Mix Celebrates Hubble Telescope 20th Anniversary

Since my introductions to Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield, Kraftwerk and Kitaro in early 1979 ... new age music has been one of my favorite genres.

When launching the Elvert Barnes Mixology podcast in January 2009 my intention was to create music mixes that featured some of the new age music from those early years. While that particular 'new age' project is still in contemplation I recently decided to explore new age music from a different perspective and as a result, with the April 2010 "Sun Dancing" mix will now launch the New Age Music Collection.

In preparation of this particular mix I spent several days searching and listening to new age music from the Lala site which, after signing on, provided full length listening to each song.

It was in the midst of the project that I learned of the 20th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope launch by NASA and, therefore, in celebration of this historiic cosmic event along with hopes of brining attention to the Hubble Site selected the Hubble Telescope's 20th Anniversary image as the "Sun Dancing" cd cover artwork.

Since it is my practice to use only my images in connection with my projects with this project being an exception here is the copyright notice from the Hubble Picture Gallery.

The title song, "Sun Dancing", is the work of Australian composer, producer and performer Tony O'Connor whose instrumental music is enjoyed by listeners all around the world.

Click the cd cover to listen to and/or download an mp3 of the music mix which features this tracklist.

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