Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rashida Jolley to appear TONIGHT at Bohemian Caverns with N'digo Rose

Since having captured her during the NCNW 23rd Annual Black Family Reunion I've been meaning to post an entry to my blog pertaining to R&B / Soul Artist Rashida Jolley.

But in the midst of many September 2008 projects I simply have not had the time.

In the process of getting caught up on my NCNW 2008 Black Family Reunion documentation, last night, not only did I upload these images and the following three videos but I learned a great deal about Miss District of Columbia 2000, former Miss America Pageant contestant, Motivational Speaker, Abstinence Advocate, harpist, singer and poet Rashida Jolley.

Rashida will be appearing TONIGHT, 17 September 2008 at Bohemian Caverns for two shows with N'digo Rose. The first at 8 - 9:30 pm and the second at 10 - 11:30 pm.

Click here to view my Rashida Jolley Google document.

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