Friday, September 12, 2008

ID-entity exhibition opens tonight at Transformer 6-9 pm; tomorrow at Mexican Cultural Institute

Featuring the work of visiting artist Saúl Gómez, Opening Reception # 1 of ID-entity will be held tonight at the Transformer Gallery at 1404 P Street in NW WDC.

Interested in better understanding the emerging contemporary art of DC's sister federal city, ID-entity's co-curators Victoria Reis, Executive & Artistic Director, Transformer, and Mexico City based independent curator Giovanna Esposito Yussif, explored concepts of "identity" - and the range of meanings that can be applied in defining it within an era of globalization - as a starting point in organizing the ID-entity exhibition.

The participating ID-entity artists pose questions and share reflections about living within a capital city, urban life, consumption, consumerism, politics and culture among other themes related to how "identity" is not only defined by community, culture and country, but also by the individual.

Presented as part one of this two-site exhibition with the Mexican Cultural Institute, Saúl Gómez' installation of recent drawings and new works at Transformer was created in situ over a week long residency in Washington, DC that began Thursday 9.4.08.

Saúl Gómez' work deals with examining how we conceive, perceive, and configure landscape outside of traditional artistic models. Through his continuous and rigorous observations on the transformations of the physical conditions within his daily surroundings, Gómez creates highly detailed "meta-compostitions" that summarize – to his eyes – the universe.

His drawings and paintings reverently highlight his everyday home elements: meat in the roaster, beer bottles, a fried egg, cigarette butts, a cartoon mushroom, old snickers, a tape recorder, the field that he sees on his way home. Through the decay and organic alteration of these elements, Gómez' work shows a multiplicity of implosions that lead to other materials, other scenes, generating a narrative discourse that implies what will happen to matter and its integration with the absolute.

Click image to read entire Transformer E-News dated Friday, 12 September 2008 and for details regarding TONIGHTS reception at the Transformer Gallery and tomorrow's Opening Reception # 2 of ID-entity at the The Mexican Cultural Institute.

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