Thursday, July 03, 2008

Music That I'm Listening To: Julie Clark's FEEL FREE

In turn for having sent her a cd of the video footage and photography images that I took of her during the Capital Pride Festival, songwriter Julie Clark sent me a copy of her debut cd entitled Feel Free.

Which, since its arrival last Friday evening, I've listened to many times. Often repeating One Of These Days, The Naked Song, Think Too Much, Your Wings and She's Movin' On. Especially, One Of These Days ... over and over again.

When I first listened to FEEL FREE while fixing dinner last Friday evening I kept thinking that she reminds me of another artist but could not put my thumb on who it was.

Then, eating dinner and taking the time to glance at the lyrics while listening to the cd ... it dawned on me.

Julie Clark, in particular, her songwriting reminded me of Carole King. Who I had just saw a few nights before on one of the late night talk shows discussing that she her recent re-emergence and soon to be launched The Living Room Tour.

FEEL FREE by Julie Clark is a cd that I be listening to for a long, long time. And many times over!

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